April 2019: Steering Away from Financial Extremes with Rob Carrick | Small Cap & Value Stocks

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+ Perspective on Premiums [Dimensional] Read the latest paper from Dimensional Fund Advisors about how investors should view premiums.

+ Money 123: Renting vs. Owning [Global News] Ben Felix shares weighs in on the Rent vs Buy debate.

+ Factor Investing with ETFs [PWL Capital] There is a better way to build an index fund portfolio than accepting the market cap weights of stocks.

+ Episode 39: Steering Away from the Financial Extremes with Rob Carrick [36:29]

Rob Carrick (The Globe and Mail) has been writing about money and investing for almost 30 years and has a wealth of expertise and insight to share on everything from mutual funds to ETFs.

In our discussion we cover common questions that Rob encounters, how his views have changed over the years, the parts of his job he has most enjoyed and his thoughts on where we are at right now.

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