January 2019: Embracing Uncertainty | Year End Round Up | What to Follow and What Not to Follow

Another year under the belt. 2018 seemed to mirror 2017 in the news headlines. Trump, Bitcoin, and marijuana stocks were top of mind for much of the year, with the addition of trade agreements (or a lack thereof), and a dash of market volatility that had been missing in 2017. Rising interest rates hurt fixed income returns, while stock markets around the world declined a meaningful amount. There was nowhere to hide.

+ The next recession will be a first for robo advisors. Are they ready? [Global News]

+ A young investor asks: Can I put 90% of my investments into equities? [Globe and Mail]

+ Episode 26: Embracing Uncertainty: Planning Ahead and Taking On the Risk with Big Bang Theory Writer, David Goetsch [43:56]

David Goetsch is a writer and the Co-Executive Producer of the Big Bang Theory. He subscribes to our investment philosophy. He is truly a fascinating guy and the impact that this investment philosophy had on him is unreal.

David shares with us how he used to a be a self-described worrier who worried about every little thing in his life. But once he had his eyes opened up to this philosophy, it changed him forever.

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+ The Grossman - Stiglitz Paradox (feat. The Plain Bagel)

The Grossman-Stiglitz Paradox stems from a 1980 paper by Sanford Grossman and Joseph Stiglitz. They argue that markets cannot possibly be perfectly informationally efficient because if they were, nobody would expend the resources required to make markets efficient. Richard Coffin aka The Plain Bagel and I dig into what that means

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