The TFSA Is a Give-away, But It’s Not a Toy

How often does anyone, especially the government, give you something for nothing? Canada’s Tax-Free Savings Account, or TFSA, is the rare exception. Introduced in 2009, your TFSA lets you save and invest after-tax assets that then grow tax-free. Both the principal and earnings also remain tax-free upon withdrawal. The government even throws in more “room” each year for you to add more – currently up to $5,500/year.  

It’s a sweet deal, for sure. But too often, I see people using their TFSA like it’s a toy instead of as the incredibly powerful financial tool it can be.

The wishful thinking goes something like this: “If I use my TFSA to ‘play the market’ and I happen to win big, it’ll all be tax-free. Yippee!” But as I explain in today’s video, there are important reasons you are far more likely to lose out on important tax savings than you are to hit pay dirt by turning your TFSA into a fanciful playground.

Bottom line, the essential laws of Common Sense Investing still apply in your TFSA, just as they do in any other financial account you may hold. Would you like to keep those essentials coming your way? Be sure to subscribe here and click on the bell.

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