Introducing: Common-Sense Investing with Ben Felix, MBA, CFA

The truth is easier to keep track of than a pack of lies. That’s just common sense. So is most of investing, even though many in the financial industry would have you believe otherwise. To help you separate financial facts from sales-oriented fiction – and then invest accordingly – I am pleased to host PWL Capital’s newest YouTube series: Common-Sense Investing.

As the name implies, you don’t need to chase fancy, complex strategies to invest safely and sensibly toward your financial goals. Nor should you let the forces found on Wall Street and Bay Street try to convince you otherwise.

Instead, by understanding a thing or two about the science of sound investing, you can build a bulwark of basic knowledge, and learn how to separate common sense from nonsense. In this series, I’ll focus on straightforward answers to your critical questions, such as:

  • Index funds seem so simple. Can they really outperform a more active approach to investing?
  • Is it really that hard to beat the market?
  • What are some of the biggest market myths out there?
  • How can you distinguish best-interest advice from veiled sales pitches?

While you don’t need a science degree to make good use of the science of investing, my own studies in mechanical engineering have helped me ground my financial career in logic and evidence. I’ve combined that with an MBA, being a CFA charterholder, and plenty of hands-on experience as an associate portfolio manager at PWL Capital. Plus, any advice I offer will be backed by peer-reviewed academic research, solid data, and clear logic.

Of the myriad ways people try, but often fall short of making money in today’s markets, there is one way that will never lose its luster: investing with common sense. Are you ready to learn more? Subscribe to “Common-Sense Investing” (and click on the bell). And if you’d ever like to see me take a common-sense approach to one of your questions, send it over.

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