The Rational Reminder is a weekly podcast on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. The podcast is hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore, Portfolio Managers at PWL Capital. Each week we discuss current topics related to personal finance, investing, behavior, and financial markets with the intention of making our listeners better, more rational investors.


Rational Reminder ETF Model Portfolios

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We talk a lot about factor-based investing: targeting small cap, value, and profitable stocks in index portfolios. We have designed these model portfolios to offer broad market exposure to Canadian, US, and International stocks, with an emphasis on small cap and value stocks where possible. The model portfolios follow the thinking explained in our whitepaper Factor Investing with ETFs and discussed in Episode 36 and Episode 40 of the podcast.

We do not use these models for our clients’ portfolios - we use products from Dimensional Fund Advisors. These model portfolios are our attempt to make factor tilting available to anyone.

As not all of the ETFs in the model portfolios have 20 years of performance history, we have calculated hypothetical historical returns using index returns less fees. The performance methodology is included on the model portfolios document.