The Rational Reminder Episode 2 - Indexing is Here to Stay

In Episode 2 of the Rational Reminder podcast we discussed the following:

  • The underperformance of value stocks
  • Are we in a Winner Take All market?
  • Facebook’s crash
  • Global value performance
  • Canadian value premium at ~+5.5%
  • Rebalancing into the pain
  • Factor diversification
  • Having a philosophy and sticking with it
  • Index fund flows are slowing down in the US
  • Canadian active funds are still dominating passive ETFs
  • Markets are still efficient
  • Deciding to be an index investor takes work
  • Fewer highly skilled active managers make markets more efficient
  • Canadians might need to buy real estate to retire
  • Doctors were sold out by MD Management
  • Should you listen to the yield curve?
  • Michael Batnick’s chart crimes
  • DFA’s weights vs. the S&P 500 weights

The stories we talked about:

The charts we talked about:


The Rational Reminder Episode 1 - The Cheapest Advice Probably isn't the Best

In our first ever episode of the Rational Reminder podcast we discussed the following:

  • The purpose of the podcast
  • How we invest
  • DFA
  • Factor investing
  • Our worst investment ever
  • Tripling our money in JDS
  • Hedge funds still can’t beat the market
  • CSA won’t deploy a statutory best interest standard
  • The cheapest financial advice may not be the best
  • Is a financial advisor worth it?
  • Cost vs. complexity

The stories we talked about: