Episode 24: Evidence: What To Follow And What Not To Follow

Welcome back to The Rational Reminder Podcast. Today, Benjamin is getting the factor fill off his chest. We are diving into a range of topics and we are talking about other factors or how far you can push the evidence. This is the first time in a while that we’ve really dug into factors. We cover other interesting topics like increasing CPP benefits, we talk about our regulatory bodies and the debate going on there, as well as the big news around Vanguard. It’s a fun debate and a  good conversation. So, keep listening to hear more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How CPP is expanding in 2019. [0:01:48.0]

  • Advocis putting the business interest of financial advisers before clients. [0:05:0]

  • The rumor circulating about Vanguard. [0:10:22.0]

  • A none story - How asset owners are falling out of love with index funds. [0:13:00]

  • Why the rich aren’t happy, why more money does not make people happier. [0:15:44.0]

  • Factors of a way to beat the market and why factors work. [0:17:38.0]

  • Factor regression on portfolios. [0:22:46.0]

  • Long versus short stock picking. [0:27:43.0]

  • And much more!