The Rational Reminder Episode 4 - The Race to 0%

In Episode 4 of the Rational Reminder podcast we discussed the following:

  • After a successful launch, the podcast will live on! Thanks for the support and feedback
  • The longest bull market in history?
  • Are we repeating the tech bubble?
  • Why it still makes sense to hold bonds
  • Rebalancing isn’t always easy
  • The Lost Decade, sort of
  • Is tax-loss selling worth it?
  • Horizons’ marketing mistake
  • One decision funds
  • Index fund fees are finally at 0%
  • Sec lending is the future of index fund revenue
  • Charley Ellis on the history of active management
  • There are less willing losers today than there were in the past
  • The paradox of skill
  • Active managers underperform consistently
  • Daniel Kahneman does not believe active management works
  • If you think you have intuition about stocks, you’re wrong
  • Corporate DB pension plans are not risk-free

The stories we talked about:

The charts we talked about:

Source: PWL Capital

Source: PWL Capital