Benjamin Felix, MBA, CFA, CFP, is a portfolio manager with PWL Capital Inc., a wealth management firm with offices in Ontario and Quebec. The firm and its advisors are also licensed to work with clients in most other provinces. PWL Capital’s managed portfolio service helps clients reach their financial goals by combining investment management and ongoing financial planning.

Our team builds portfolios primarily using tilted market funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, and our clients pay us a fee directly for service and advice. If you are interested in working with a wealth manager who uses the investment strategies detailed on this blog, contact us to set up an initial discussion.

Our fee includes financial planning, a personalized Investment Policy Statement, portfolio construction and monitoring, semi-annual portfolio reviews including personal rates of return, tracking of your adjusted cost base in taxable accounts, and capital gain/loss reporting. Assets are held in accounts in the client’s name by our carrying broker, National Bank Independent Network. Minimum family account size is $500,000.

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PWL Capital Inc. (Ottawa)
(613) 237-5544 or toll free 1-800-230-5544

Benjamin Felix, MBA, CFA, CFP – Portfolio Manager
Cameron Passmore, CIM, FMA, FCSI – Portfolio Manager
Nancy Graham, CA, CIM, CFP, TEP – Portfolio Manager


PWL Capital Inc. (Toronto)
(416) 203-0067 or toll free 1-866-242-0203

Justin Bender, CFA, CFP – Portfolio Manager
Dan Bortolotti, CFP, CIM – Associate Portfolio Manager
Shannon Bender, CFP, CIM – Investment Advisor


PWL Capital Inc. (Waterloo)
(519) 880-0888 or toll free 1-877-517-0888

Graham Westmacott, CFA – Portfolio Manager
Susan Daley, CFA – Portfolio Manager


PWL Capital Inc. (Montreal)
(514) 875-7566 or toll free 1-800-875-7566

Anthony S. Layton, MBA, CIM – Chairman & CEO, Portfolio Manager
James Parkyn, C. Admin., F.Pl., CIM, FCSI – Portfolio Manager
Peter Guay, CFA – Portfolio Manager
François Doyon La Rochelle, CFA – Portfolio Manager and Financial Analyst
Shweta Shrivastava, MBA, CIM – Portfolio Manager